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You're my world May 6, 2012

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I love watching you grow. I also love being back at work. I sway between blissful work pressure to guilty mum every few weeks. Do I sound disturbed, unbalanced or just a plain bad mum? There’s just so much to accomplish – for you and me – in a day, in our lives…

There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of  how to make your time with me happier, one that challenges you – mentally, physically- creates tonnes of lovely memories whilst providing healthy meals, a tidy home, clean clothes and a conducive bedtime routine.  Gosh Z, no wonder we are both tired out by half seven!!

Then there are the things we haven’t gotten you or can’t get you. I know there are things that many other littler persons have and you would love them, too. But we can’t all have everything someone has. In the words of my grandma, your grand-nanny, “If your friend jumped off the bridge, would you?”

There’s just so much to feel guilty about as a parent, Z. The have’s and have not’s, the do’s and don’t’s of parenting.

May you grow to be an intelligent, happy, caring, thoughtful, polite, diligent, neat & tidy, principled… Hhahahahaa… Parental pressure.

I love you. Be who you are meant to be.




Colour me beautiful January 3, 2012

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You are growing so quick right before my eyes. I can’t believe the things you say and do each day. The brain is a miraculous thing. You are our miracle. Not only do you draw and colour, mummy and papa have,too, as well. I’m getting rather good at it. It can be rather cathartic.

Just look at how focused your little scribbles are getting. You have remarkably good art pieces.

Eddie’s looking very Thai.

Colourful twirls and swirls


Goodbye Fats December 28, 2011

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My Regal Princess

It was one of the saddest day in any mother’s life when one of her little ones have to stop living. Fats, through all her pain, had to be put down. I sobbed for days. The memories I have of her, and the most happiest, is when my LO met up with her in Singapore in August and loved playing with her – brushing her fur, sitting next to her basket and feeding her cat biscuits. Fats, I’ll miss you but I’m so happy that you’ve met the LO. Know that I love you and will always love you. Big kisses my brave girl.


Christmas Cheer December 25, 2011

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Nothing like a Mummy’s excitement at Christmas. It’s your 2nd and boy, oh, boy do you understand pressies. However, unwrapping them can get quite tedious and dull for a 20-month-old so we had to stop, with a few more to go under the tree. The Christmas tree – now, you helped decorate that one. Putting some lovely ribbons on it was your idea 🙂 You’ve been so good about not touching the tree. In fact, you’ve been brilliant about not meddling with too many of the bits and pieces of furniture in the house.  I know that I’ll look forward to many more Christmases with you. You’ve rejuvenated me at Christmas.


Working mum November 16, 2011

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I jumped at the chance to get back to work, to the adult world, to speak ‘big people’, think ‘grown-up’ and feel ‘smartish’ again. It was not easy leaving you behind the first few days with the help. Mummy control mode was on high alert, worrying if the help got your lunch, nap time, games, etc, right. Did she understand your little babbles for water, milk, book, dance? I could have dreamt up a list as long as the Marx Manifesto. Then things started going not quite right when the help decided to leave after 2 weeks, no one wanted to chug all the way to this end of the island – Oops, I forgot to mention that we moved lock, stock and barrel to Jeju Island, South Korea in September 2011 – and everyone wanted to be paid more than what I took home! Despicable.

Anyways, my darling girl, we got N and O as your friendly companions now. I’m relieved that N stepped up to offer her services. You and O get on so well (until recently when you started pulling his hair. Temper! Temper!). You’ve been on countless playdates, seen more of boarding houses, Daejong and soft play areas than me or your papa have. We’re thrilled that you are thriving in the new environment. Oodles of cuddles and kisses, my little one.


These boot(ies) are made for walking July 6, 2010

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What a busy week it has been. Just one activity after another but my lovely husband’s back and I’ve some ‘me’ time for this blog.

My LO is 6 weeks old and counting. She seems to hate having baths or wipes. Her cries and wriggles rattle me as I just want to do everything right and perfect and not forgetting quick. I rush her, powered and dressed, to the bouncy chair which she seems to love. She settles and I look forward to having a quiet breakfast but not before I put some mittens on her tiny hands. Have you noticed how fast those fingernails grow? They are like little claws but claws with…something doesn’t seem right with her hands. Those mittens look strange. What did my landlord gift me? Little Zadie looks up at her blurry-eyed mummy, punching the air with her arms…She’s screaming at me, these are booties mum, booties.


Mummy Milestones July 1, 2010

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I got to thinking about my LO’s milestones since I started a category under the same name – looking at her development is so rewarding when I see her grab that toy, smile when we have a conversation or respond to a song. Then it hit me on Sunday while stuffing myself with a late lunch as my LO cooed and played in her bouncy chair, what about my milestones. I think I should look at my accomplishments too as a first time SAHM. I should acknowledge that I’ve been doing a darn difficult job by myself for some weeks now and should receive a pat on the back. Here goes my list, if only, to make myself feel better :

1. take care of LO without any help while in Thailand, now in Singapore

2. get LO to laugh at my silly faces and sounds

3. do grocery shopping with LO, diaper bag, get on public bus and come on home in one piece