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You're my world May 6, 2012

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I love watching you grow. I also love being back at work. I sway between blissful work pressure to guilty mum every few weeks. Do I sound disturbed, unbalanced or just a plain bad mum? There’s just so much to accomplish – for you and me – in a day, in our lives…

There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of  how to make your time with me happier, one that challenges you – mentally, physically- creates tonnes of lovely memories whilst providing healthy meals, a tidy home, clean clothes and a conducive bedtime routine.  Gosh Z, no wonder we are both tired out by half seven!!

Then there are the things we haven’t gotten you or can’t get you. I know there are things that many other littler persons have and you would love them, too. But we can’t all have everything someone has. In the words of my grandma, your grand-nanny, “If your friend jumped off the bridge, would you?”

There’s just so much to feel guilty about as a parent, Z. The have’s and have not’s, the do’s and don’t’s of parenting.

May you grow to be an intelligent, happy, caring, thoughtful, polite, diligent, neat & tidy, principled… Hhahahahaa… Parental pressure.

I love you. Be who you are meant to be.




Easter Chickee

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Easter Chickee

Thanks, Godma. Z really enjoyed this one. She plastered glue all over the picture.