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21 months April 19, 2012

Filed under: Milestones — zadiescloset @ 9:38 am

I’ve been counting down the days and weeks. I’ll probably stop one day and it’d just be years that I’d be counting. However, each day is so special that I want, I need, to grab it, keep it and cherish it.

1. Stripes and spots: You know them and draw them. Thanks Nick Sharrat and my first pocket library of colours, opposites, patterns and numbers. You’re in my spotlight, darling.

2. Having eaten a bikkie in your bed. Z:”Mess. It’s mess.” Pointing at crumbs to Papa who has obviously got to clean it up.

3. Watching Maisy play hospital  with Tallulah on Youtube. Z:”Mummy say ‘ah'”. So mummy said, “Ahhhh….”

4. Mummy hadn’t posted this in MONTHS!!!


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