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Easter Blast April 19, 2012

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On Easter Monday, we had a party which I organised with the help of many wonderful mums and dads. Z’s egg rolling competition turned into egg eating! She thought rolling that precious egg downhill was a waste so we ended up eating it amidst the furor.

Thank you, Godma. It was a very messy yet fun affair.


And this is…?

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M: What’s happened to Papa’s glasses? Z: STEAM

M: Who would I have to callĀ  if you jump off the bed and bump your head? Z: THE DOCTOR

M:You don’t need your dummy. Z: I need my dummy. I need it NOW, mummy!

After mummy’s hair cut. Z: I want to cut my hair. M: You’ve already had a hair cut. Z: I need a hair cut.

Riding off on her ride along car. Z: Bye, mum. See you later. M: Where are you off to? Z: Gym

Trying Tandoori Chicken for the first time. Z: Oh, it’s spicy.

Despite being proud of my little one, I’ve not edited the sentences. She actually said them and that is what thrills me to bits! Here’s one more before we head off to bed…

M: Shall we go and read some books now? Z: Umm, no.

P: Give that back to Martha. Z handing it over. Z: Martha, stop. That’s mine. (Little fibber! Hahahaha…) We must stop now and really get to bed.



21 months

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I’ve been counting down the days and weeks. I’ll probably stop one day and it’d just be years that I’d be counting. However, each day is so special that I want, I need, to grab it, keep it and cherish it.

1. Stripes and spots: You know them and draw them. Thanks Nick Sharrat and my first pocket library of colours, opposites, patterns and numbers. You’re in my spotlight, darling.

2. Having eaten a bikkie in your bed. Z:”Mess. It’s mess.” Pointing at crumbs to Papa who has obviously got to clean it up.

3. Watching Maisy play hospitalĀ  with Tallulah on Youtube. Z:”Mummy say ‘ah'”. So mummy said, “Ahhhh….”

4. Mummy hadn’t posted this in MONTHS!!!