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One day I’ll wake up and you’ll be speaking… December 28, 2011

Filed under: Milestones — zadiescloset @ 11:18 am

…in sentences!

20 months

1. Toy car – Z: “Mummy. Broken” Giving me the car without its tyre. M: “Yes, it’s broken. Sorry, darling.” Z: “Oh, nevermind.”

Nevermind? You rock, girl.

2. Looking at the hair dryer box – Z: “Mummy dry hair.”

3. Bedtime – Z lying in cot: “Mummy sit down.” so I can be next to her as she falls asleep.

4. Brown Bear, Brown bear What do you see? Z:”I see mummy…at me.” Z: “I see me.” You are cupcake gorgeous.

5. The day before you turn 21 months. M: Singing ‘Teddy Bear’ songs. Z: “More teddy bear songs.” when I was done. We did this 3 times!

6. That same day. Stacking up the blocks with animal faces. Block 9 has a polar bear. Z runs to get her Polar Bear book, points to picture and says, “Same”. Then, points to Christmas card from Uncle Adam and Aunty Cathy with 2 polar bears and says, “Same”. You amaze me. You are different everyday.


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