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Goodbye Fats December 28, 2011

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My Regal Princess

It was one of the saddest day in any mother’s life when one of her little ones have to stop living. Fats, through all her pain, had to be put down. I sobbed for days. The memories I have of her, and the most happiest, is when my LO met up with her in Singapore in August and loved playing with her – brushing her fur, sitting next to her basket and feeding her cat biscuits. Fats, I’ll miss you but I’m so happy that you’ve met the LO. Know that I love you and will always love you. Big kisses my brave girl.


One day I’ll wake up and you’ll be speaking…

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…in sentences!

20 months

1. Toy car – Z: “Mummy. Broken” Giving me the car without its tyre. M: “Yes, it’s broken. Sorry, darling.” Z: “Oh, nevermind.”

Nevermind? You rock, girl.

2. Looking at the hair dryer box – Z: “Mummy dry hair.”

3. Bedtime – Z lying in cot: “Mummy sit down.” so I can be next to her as she falls asleep.

4. Brown Bear, Brown bear What do you see? Z:”I see mummy…at me.” Z: “I see me.” You are cupcake gorgeous.

5. The day before you turn 21 months. M: Singing ‘Teddy Bear’ songs. Z: “More teddy bear songs.” when I was done. We did this 3 times!

6. That same day. Stacking up the blocks with animal faces. Block 9 has a polar bear. Z runs to get her Polar Bear book, points to picture and says, “Same”. Then, points to Christmas card from Uncle Adam and Aunty Cathy with 2 polar bears and says, “Same”. You amaze me. You are different everyday.


Christmas Cheer December 25, 2011

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Nothing like a Mummy’s excitement at Christmas. It’s your 2nd and boy, oh, boy do you understand pressies. However, unwrapping them can get quite tedious and dull for a 20-month-old so we had to stop, with a few more to go under the tree. The Christmas tree – now, you helped decorate that one. Putting some lovely ribbons on it was your idea 🙂 You’ve been so good about not touching the tree. In fact, you’ve been brilliant about not meddling with too many of the bits and pieces of furniture in the house.  I know that I’ll look forward to many more Christmases with you. You’ve rejuvenated me at Christmas.