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Working mum November 16, 2011

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I jumped at the chance to get back to work, to the adult world, to speak ‘big people’, think ‘grown-up’ and feel ‘smartish’ again. It was not easy leaving you behind the first few days with the help. Mummy control mode was on high alert, worrying if the help got your lunch, nap time, games, etc, right. Did she understand your little babbles for water, milk, book, dance? I could have dreamt up a list as long as the Marx Manifesto. Then things started going not quite right when the help decided to leave after 2 weeks, no one wanted to chug all the way to this end of the island – Oops, I forgot to mention that we moved lock, stock and barrel to Jeju Island, South Korea in September 2011 – and everyone wanted to be paid more than what I took home! Despicable.

Anyways, my darling girl, we got N and O as your friendly companions now. I’m relieved that N stepped up to offer her services. You and O get on so well (until recently when you started pulling his hair. Temper! Temper!). You’ve been on countless playdates, seen more of boarding houses, Daejong and soft play areas than me or your papa have. We’re thrilled that you are thriving in the new environment. Oodles of cuddles and kisses, my little one.


The months go by November 9, 2011

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1 year 6 months

1. You can count up to 3! Ooonnnne, Tooo, Treeee.

2. 3rd Oct: “Catch.” You said to papa as you threw him the ball.

3. 4th Oct: “Your turn.” You said that to me while we were playing.

1 year 7 months

4. 7th Nov: I say you needed trousers to head out to the park. You pull open the drawer and pulled one out!

5. 8th Nov: “Oscar want milk?” You are a doll.

6. 9th Nov: “No lie down. No lie down” after papa asked you to lie down in your cot.

I could keep adding and burn the pages. You are a magnificent girl; so brilliant and with a fiesty temper, too.