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These boot(ies) are made for walking July 6, 2010

Filed under: Zadie's Mum — zadiescloset @ 4:43 am

What a busy week it has been. Just one activity after another but my lovely husband’s back and I’ve some ‘me’ time for this blog.

My LO is 6 weeks old and counting. She seems to hate having baths or wipes. Her cries and wriggles rattle me as I just want to do everything right and perfect and not forgetting quick. I rush her, powered and dressed, to the bouncy chair which she seems to love. She settles and I look forward to having a quiet breakfast but not before I put some mittens on her tiny hands. Have you noticed how fast those fingernails grow? They are like little claws but claws with…something doesn’t seem right with her hands. Those mittens look strange. What did my landlord gift me? Little Zadie looks up at her blurry-eyed mummy, punching the air with her arms…She’s screaming at me, these are booties mum, booties.


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