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Mummy Milestones July 1, 2010

Filed under: Zadie's Mum — zadiescloset @ 7:31 am

I got to thinking about my LO’s milestones since I started a category under the same name – looking at her development is so rewarding when I see her grab that toy, smile when we have a conversation or respond to a song. Then it hit me on Sunday while stuffing myself with a late lunch as my LO cooed and played in her bouncy chair, what about my milestones. I think I should look at my accomplishments too as a first time SAHM. I should acknowledge that I’ve been doing a darn difficult job by myself for some weeks now and should receive a pat on the back. Here goes my list, if only, to make myself feel better :

1. take care of LO without any help while in Thailand, now in Singapore

2. get LO to laugh at my silly faces and sounds

3. do grocery shopping with LO, diaper bag, get on public bus and come on home in one piece


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