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These boot(ies) are made for walking July 6, 2010

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What a busy week it has been. Just one activity after another but my lovely husband’s back and I’ve some ‘me’ time for this blog.

My LO is 6 weeks old and counting. She seems to hate having baths or wipes. Her cries and wriggles rattle me as I just want to do everything right and perfect and not forgetting quick. I rush her, powered and dressed, to the bouncy chair which she seems to love. She settles and I look forward to having a quiet breakfast but not before I put some mittens on her tiny hands. Have you noticed how fast those fingernails grow? They are like little claws but claws with…something doesn’t seem right with her hands. Those mittens look strange. What did my landlord gift me? Little Zadie looks up at her blurry-eyed mummy, punching the air with her arms…She’s screaming at me, these are booties mum, booties.


Mummy Milestones July 1, 2010

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I got to thinking about my LO’s milestones since I started a category under the same name – looking at her development is so rewarding when I see her grab that toy, smile when we have a conversation or respond to a song. Then it hit me on Sunday while stuffing myself with a late lunch as my LO cooed and played in her bouncy chair, what about my milestones. I think I should look at my accomplishments too as a first time SAHM. I should acknowledge that I’ve been doing a darn difficult job by myself for some weeks now and should receive a pat on the back. Here goes my list, if only, to make myself feel better :

1. take care of LO without any help while in Thailand, now in Singapore

2. get LO to laugh at my silly faces and sounds

3. do grocery shopping with LO, diaper bag, get on public bus and come on home in one piece


New Finds

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This is the link to more lovely pieces from my daughter’s closet. Enjoy browsing.


Here kitty, kitty, kitty

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For the longest time, I was resistant to all things babies. Never thought I’d be a mum andĀ  good mum at that. What I loved were cats and a whole lot of animals. I grew up surrounded by animals. You name it, we had them – dogs, cats, rabbits, budgies, fish, white mice, hamsters. I finally ended up with 2 lovely ginger cats – Fats and Hobbes. Fats; where do you begin with that intelligent, loving, extremely independent feline? She could wee in the toilet, open doors with her paws, get off furniture slyly when you were around and curl up at your feet on the bed. For the longest time it was just the two of us till my mum insisted I take Hobbes, a skittish little boy, in. They were my children whom I relished love, care and more love on till I met my gorgeous husband and my life made a 180 degree change. Having children with this most beautiful of men was what I wanted (beautiful in all aspects, especially his soul). Little Zadie was a gift. But my LO was the third in line and I only knew for the longest time how to communicate with felines. At 5 weeks, Little Zadie had a little crying fit – nothing calmed her, not a diaper change, not boobees, not cuddling or rocking. I was alone, no husband, no help around. In desperation, I pleaded for her to calm down, to relax, to settle with the usual parental, “Sshhhsssshhh…” repeated in a droning pattern of sorts followed by “It’s ok Fats, sshhhhsshhh….”

Every now and then, the name creeps into my head just beforeĀ  I open my mouth to calm my LO and have to do a quick check. I do hope little Zadie doesn’t grow up with the name ‘Fats’ imprinted in her memory.

I’ve got to introduce them one day soon. But that’s another blog another day.