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Zadie’s Milestones June 26, 2010

Filed under: Milestones — zadiescloset @ 2:33 am

1.Birth weight: 3040g, 3mths:6100g! I now have tendonitis. The nasty sure hurts both wrists when I have to carry you. Bel said she suffered from it for 2yrs with her firstborn. I hope it eases away real soon. It’s driving me insane.

2. You have moved up 3 diaper sizes from NB-M: I was so excited, went crazy and bought an 84-diaper bag! I like the fit on you. It’s like Tim Gunn’s make over.

3. You have learnt to grab certain things that grab (mind the pun) your attention. Crinkly Mr Caterpillar’s legs are a hit with you. Thank you Uncle Adam for that wonderful gift.

4. 24th June: I noticed you’ve discovered your right hand and have been staring at your fingers. Those cute metacarpals which I’d like to chomp on. Well, you love shoving them in your mouth. YUMS


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