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The Multi-tasker 1mth 3days June 25, 2010

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Today for the first time  in a long time, I messed up the cooking. I had dinner all sorted out in my head. It was to be chicken rice; meant to surprise my husband with. It’s a Singaporean all-time favourite. At the same time, as all multi-taskers know, why should you be doing only one thing when you have two rings on the stove. Dinner is usually at 7pm (I like having my dinner before 8pm giving my body time to digest it 🙂 I set out to make my lunch of mee goreng – Indonesian fried noodles. As with all things with babies, Zadie cries just at the point when my lunch is almost ready. I don’t hurry in to her but I don’t dally as well. She’s in a bit of a tiff, red faced, bored  I reckon. We sit together as I try to entertain her with Colourful  Charlie Caterpillar, change her soiled diaper and continue to chatter. Nothing can send a first time mum off to the moon but the smile of her baby. Who cares that she’s only 1mth and that the smile may be wind. It made me forget my multi-tasking tasks. The smell of burnt rice soon permeates the air.  Darn, bonkers, purple Peter, the rice is burnt.  I know this is the first day of many burnt dinners and lunches to come. By the way, my lunch sits cold and congealed as she requires the next round of feeding. Think I might squeeze in a cat nap, check my emails, do the laundry…


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