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Zadie’s Milestones June 26, 2010

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1.Birth weight: 3040g, 3mths:6100g! I now have tendonitis. The nasty sure hurts both wrists when I have to carry you. Bel said she suffered from it for 2yrs with her firstborn. I hope it eases away real soon. It’s driving me insane.

2. You have moved up 3 diaper sizes from NB-M: I was so excited, went crazy and bought an 84-diaper bag! I like the fit on you. It’s like Tim Gunn’s make over.

3. You have learnt to grab certain things that grab (mind the pun) your attention. Crinkly Mr Caterpillar’s legs are a hit with you. Thank you Uncle Adam for that wonderful gift.

4. 24th June: I noticed you’ve discovered your right hand and have been staring at your fingers. Those cute metacarpals which I’d like to chomp on. Well, you love shoving them in your mouth. YUMS


And baby makes ONE June 25, 2010

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The idea of having a baby, I must confess, was a romantic one. In my head, I’d have the perfect child who ate, slept, laughed, cried but was easily soothed, grew and looked adorable in the tiny clothes I put her in. I read as  many parenting books as I could pre-Zadie and now, I can’t read anything without being interrupted. Obviously enough, parenthood isn’t all that I thought it would be. In fact, it’s so much more and also less; essentially less sleep, less time for myself, less money to spend on myself. I won’t, I promised myself, to let the house be run over by toys, baby clothes and baby furniture. And as big as our house might be or the space in our hearts for little Zadie is, I’ve come to realise that, my husband, myself and baby makes ONE.

Since she’s the ONE, I can’t promise a post a day but I may put 2 in one day then not come on for a week. But you can be sure that she’s doing something funny or memorable or making me pull my hair out figuring what she wants. I love you Zadie


The Multi-tasker 1mth 3days

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Today for the first time  in a long time, I messed up the cooking. I had dinner all sorted out in my head. It was to be chicken rice; meant to surprise my husband with. It’s a Singaporean all-time favourite. At the same time, as all multi-taskers know, why should you be doing only one thing when you have two rings on the stove. Dinner is usually at 7pm (I like having my dinner before 8pm giving my body time to digest it 🙂 I set out to make my lunch of mee goreng – Indonesian fried noodles. As with all things with babies, Zadie cries just at the point when my lunch is almost ready. I don’t hurry in to her but I don’t dally as well. She’s in a bit of a tiff, red faced, bored  I reckon. We sit together as I try to entertain her with Colourful  Charlie Caterpillar, change her soiled diaper and continue to chatter. Nothing can send a first time mum off to the moon but the smile of her baby. Who cares that she’s only 1mth and that the smile may be wind. It made me forget my multi-tasking tasks. The smell of burnt rice soon permeates the air.  Darn, bonkers, purple Peter, the rice is burnt.  I know this is the first day of many burnt dinners and lunches to come. By the way, my lunch sits cold and congealed as she requires the next round of feeding. Think I might squeeze in a cat nap, check my emails, do the laundry…


Dresses up for grabs June 24, 2010

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Adorable white & green checkered dress with butterfly applique for Newborns

Cute green cotton dress with pink buttons for Newborns

My little girl is growing real fast; who would have thought that she’d gain over 2.5kg in 2 months and outgrow her adorable clothes. These wee dresses, worn only a few times, are up for grabs. I’ve looked after them and they are still good as new. I love playing dress up with my LO and her closet is overflowing with irresistable finds. I’ll be posting more up in the months as she outgrows them faster than we can wear them.

Find us on eBay: seller: Vannessa2009


Welcome Wagon

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We welcomed our daughter into our lives on third April this year. It has definitely been a learning journey for me as a first time mum. Suddenly it dawned on me as I looked down at that cherub like face – I’m responsible for a life besides mine! No more lying in bed over the weekends, leisurely brunches, spontaneous lunch and dinner dates with friends or shopping sprees. My LO’s life is my life. And don’t be surprised if my blogs end mid sentence. Munchkin, this blog is dedicated to you for making my life topsy turvy, creating wonderful memories, funny moments and most of all, filling me with an insurmountable amount of love that surprises even me.